Calgary and Edmonton Festivals Canada 2017

In 2016 we went to Edmonton Fringe Festival full of hopes and also full of worries.  Over 200 theatre companies, over 45 venues, hundreds of thousands of punters…. We were only a little fish trying to swim… but these 2 weeks were amazing, full of sunshine, great people, openness. great hosts that were putting up with us through all that time, fantastic volunteers, and fringe staff and management were really kind and helped us straight away when we ran into any problems. And yes it was a great surprise when our theatre started to fill up, that we got amazing reviews and people wrote to us or came up to us on the streets. On one occasion, on a roller-coaster in Edmonton  – somebody hollered at Sam-‘look that’s The Dragon’ Sam didn’t take offence, just the opposite, he was beaming with joy the whole week….

So we decided to come back. We have a new show: My Love Lies Frozen in the Ice….

We are going to Calgary Festival first and then to Edmonton…We worked this year even harder but the show is not made till it has its run with the audience….So greetings Canada – we await you and your judgement…

Please come and see us and thank you so much for all your support

Boom – see you soon xx




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