Calgary Fringe Festival – Inglewood

On the 1st of August 2017, we flew high…, high above Iceland, high above Greenland, high above a lot of water….        ‘Were you flying in an enormous balloon trying to do what nobody else ever done before? ??- I hear you ask…. NO – is my simple answer – ‘this is not what Dead Rabbits do’ – We flew in a standard, well-built aeroplane in an economy class…They did give us a free bottle of wine to cheer us up.

One could compare the inspired excitement of our flight to that of the flight of ‘the Eagle’ – ‘the Eagle’ was a swoosh hydrogen balloon made entirely from 5km of silk and flown exactly 120 years ago by Salomon Andree and his comrades in the attempt to conquer The North Pole…

We did manage, however, to arrive safely on Canadian turf… in Inglewood… This is the area of Calgary Fringe Festival and at the moment there is still not too many people here as the festival begins on the 4th of August. So we are rehearsing, sourcing small props, doing technical rehearsals and looking around Calgary. We have found lots of Rabbits (very alive and rather fast) we made some friendships and we are waiting for Hitomi to take us on a trip of a lifetime to Banff…

Meanwhile, just a bit nervy before the premiere and waiting for the audiences not to fail us….

Please come and see our shows during Calgary Festival – 1st one on the 4th of August 7pm ( Alexandra centre society) and then late in the evening at 11:30 Late Night Cabaret… Please do come and chat to us when you see us…


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