Going, going….Gone…to Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


We waited and waited for our lucky break and it came, quite unexpectedly this March, when we won LET partnership award and a place in the Pleasance Kingdome Venue for this year’s Edinburgh Festival. We are very nervous, quite excited, hungry and ready for it all…

So without further Ado… We are playing My Love Lies Frozen in the Ice in Pleasance Kingdome at 12:30 everyday from 31st of July all the way through (except 13th and 19th). Please come and support us, not only if you live in Edinburgh, not only if you live in Scotland…please come from all over the world, do not hesitate, hopefully will be worth your effort… if not see us after the show and we can straighten the matter over a beer or two. We went all the way to Canada (twice over) so we believe the world can come to us now. See you up North, we will be in the usual gear, playing the loud accordion and some flimsy Ukeleles….

For tickets with lots of deals:



  1. Just seen your show. Loved it! Would be great if I could book you to perform in our studio- is that possible? Near Liverpool? Or are you already planning on a tour?


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