The Audiences Reviews

We have had quiet small audiences at times, but it looks like some people really enjoyed spending time with us. Sorry to boast but we are so proud:

If a show at the fringe moved me this much to laughter then tears then I can’t remember when. Add to that elaborate creative props and scenery and great audience interaction and this is a real beezer. Come back and do Ernest Nobile next to me! Jamie Shepherd

Wonderful. Just what I love about the Fringe is when you are taken to unexpected places by the ingenuity and skill of the performers and writers. Expecting a romp but given a sensitively delivered tragi-comedy with a very moving ending. Littered with glorious silliness the Dead Rabbits are a must see show this year. ANTON GRASHION

An entertaining and moving show by a talented and enthusiastic cast! They took us with them to the Arctic, and the various depictions of the balloon were wonderfully done. Lesley Warner

A great show that is both funny and moving. Part celebration of the heroic age of polar exploration; part sentimental tragi-comedy with a dash of social relevance thrown in. Highly recommended. Keith Baxter

This turned out to be a real gem! Very creative staging, an interesting story, strong performances, and lots of humor. Highly recommend. JM

This show about a balloon expedition to the Arctic was in turns very funny and quietly heartbreaking. I was pleased that we’d found a show at the Fringe to satisfy my craving for polar exploration stories (after a dedicated search for every possible Arctic-related keyword); I can’t say how happy I am that it turned out to be so good. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good adventure story, with engaging performers and the sort of small, intimist setting that lets you be drawn into a play and won’t let you easily pull yourself back out. Aude C

I loved this show. It’s a good, true story to start with, but the clever writing, ingenious staging and excellent performances made it something more. It’s funny, sad, touching and original. My pick of the Fringe so far. John Fuller

What a lovely, and moving, show, beautiful to look at and impressively acted. Everything a one-act play should be. Highly recommended. Pippa Hyde

Best physical theatre show I’ve seen at fringe so far this year. 4 very good performers break the fourth wall (in the best way) to tell this true story with the most creative use of set I’ve ever seen at edfringe. First time fringe performers take Pleasance Dome by storm, go and see this really good show when you can; thoroughly recommend. Mark Reynolds

What a wildly inventive and beautifully realised show this is. One of the most talented, creative engaging young companies I’ve come across in a long time telling a sad, beautiful story with impeccable physical theatricality and a dash of comic genius. My pick of the Fringe. Buy your tickets in advance – this show should (and will) sell out. Philippa

Very humbled by the kind words. Thank you.

Please spread the word. We have five more shows and we have had such an amazing time. Help us to get more people to see the show. Everyday at 12:30 at Kingdome Pleasance, however afternoons spent mostly at the Pleasance Courtyard…. playing the old grumpy accordion and ukulele, flyering and drinking some fine (and not so fine) liquors…. Please join us or at least say hello if you see us!

Link to the tickets:

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