A new Event from our Friends Les Enfants Terribles!!!

The Prism L.F.I.D.C.B.I_1 (1)

“What to experience immersive theatre online? @LesEnfantsTerr theatre company have created The PRISM. Choose a completely unique journey, venturing deeper and deeper into a surreal, dream-like world. Sign up for free before this Friday www.enter-the-prism.com

We would love you to experience what we have created as well so please do sign up on the website on this link.

The Prism has been created to harness the unique power of lucid dreaming; being aware that you are dreaming and therefore being able control outcome, make choices – potentially turning your bad dreams into fantasies… or making them worse.

The Prism’s state of the art technology uses hyper-screen realisation to connect participants directly into their own personalised dream state, where then they will be able to interact with their screen in order to explore and take different paths through their own dreams, thus unlocking a greater understanding of their own mind.

After all, what is real; the physical ‘you’ reading these words within your super smart device? Or could there be another world that brings us closer to reality… a world that lets us get up close with our deepest desires and fears, letting us control their outcomes?




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