Going, going….Gone…to Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


We waited and waited for our lucky break and it came, quite unexpectedly this March, when we won LET partnership award and a place in the Pleasance Kingdome Venue for this year’s Edinburgh Festival. We are very nervous, quite excited, hungry and ready for it all…

So without further Ado… We are playing My Love Lies Frozen in the Ice in Pleasance Kingdome at 12:30 everyday from 31st of July all the way through (except 13th and 19th). Please come and support us, not only if you live in Edinburgh, not only if you live in Scotland…please come from all over the world, do not hesitate, hopefully will be worth your effort… if not see us after the show and we can straighten the matter over a beer or two. We went all the way to Canada (twice over) so we believe the world can come to us now. See you up North, we will be in the usual gear, playing the loud accordion and some flimsy Ukeleles….

For tickets with lots of deals:

Alter – Ego

The boys got enough exposure on the poster, and I thought it is time to show you the other side of the Dead Rabbits…

We normally sit on the bus stop all the time… waiting for the… bus (boys have bikes…for some strange reason) but we are much more glamorous and world-wise…

Leah (the red-headed beauty) makes sure the show happen. And this is not just that the lights are working and the performers are visible but she also makes sure that the cast wakes up, turns up on time and remembers to bring their costumes….

Milly (a Devon princess, who is the most excited about life on this photo – which is also generally true in life) is the most important person in the show – she is the one who is left behind…. Milly basically holds the show together…

Moi (in the middle) I have the most amazing job – Every morning, I use my thin bamboo stick on their bare feet – ( why? – I hear you ask) well, it is an old Polish practice (also known by most ‘charming and delightful’ Master –  Philippe Gaulier) I hit them with a stick unexpectedly yet fiercely – so they remember during the show – to have lightness, charm and some ‘God- damn’ pleasure on stage….

And you see it worked!!! Holdovers and two awards..( psst, I will tell you about this later)


Holdovers – Edmonton 2017

Ha!!! Those Ugly Mugs on the front of the Holdover series…

(just joking boys…)

I have the pleasure to announce that we have been chosen to be one of 4 companies to stay and play more shows during the Holdovers!!! What a privilege!! We are ecstatic!!!

We are playing in a MASSIVE 300-seater venue – Westbury Theatre!!! Boom!

Catch us if you can:

Friday 1st of September – 7pm

Saturday 2nd of September – 9pm

Thank you Edmonton for the support and for the love!!

We are very humbled!!!

Wow Wow Wow!!!




Sub-Zero and Sensational Tonight is the night…


IMG_4319.JPGWe have a show tonight at 11:45pm and it is going to be difficult to get people out of bed… So if you enjoyed “My Love……” please wake them up, or get them out of the bar or tell them to put their phone down for an hour….and ask them to join us….We promise that it will be a riot… it always is at this time of the night…. we promise…

All other shows  are Sold Out (except about 10 tickets left for the 8 pm Sunday show)… so tonight is really the night to catch us….

Also….Artists and Volunteers welcome – we will increase the volume of  tickets for you from about 2pm today.

Please come and join us!!


Here are the reviews:

Edmonton Journal

Edmonton Vue Weekly

A little bit of this and that…

Thank you, EVERYONE, who supported us, and who came to the last night show.

Last night we…… SOLD OUT.

The atmosphere was electric and the balloons sparkled with static electricity of excitement….(bad poetry on Sunday morning, ha!…)

After the show, we were invited to be the walk-ons in ‘Die-Nasty’ improv at the Varscona theatre and that was great fun too. Big thank you to the Dynasty cast and organisers.

AND then, as if it was not enough for already mentally and emotionally exhausted Dead Rabbits – this review came in: review

Thank you, it’s been very emotional, heart-warming and totally unexpected. Thank you for your love and support.


5 STAR review from Edmonton Journal and 5 STAR review from Vue Weekly!!!!

It is a very sunny morning today in Edmonton!!!

We got up out of bed a little bit over-hanged (if you know what I mean…) and then, then, then…We found this: Edmonton Journal review

We also found 5 star review in Edmonton fringe CA which we are very thankful for.

We are a bit overwhelmed and very humbled and a bit crazy right now. It is such a pleasure to play in Edmonton and we hope we don’t disappoint our audiences….

Next show today at 7pm ( Saturday 19th August)…nearly sold out…. catch us if you can…


We won the Best Emerging Artist Award at Calgary Fringe!!!

On Saturday evening Dead Rabbits wombled (yes we don’t walk- we womble – don’t even ask why…) into the Festival Hall in search of some fun and perhaps some food. It was the last night of the Cabaret and we thought we should be there to support Calgary Fringe. As we walked in, people started to congratulate us and tell us that we won: ‘Best Emerging Artist Award’ and some cash to help us to develop further….

We were stunned… and humbled…. and of course very miserable that we missed the actual announcement by 5 min…. Typical….

So, we would like to thank once more all organisers (especially Michele Gallant) for all the help and kindness, all volunteers for the support, Jenny for hosting us, Thomas, Patrick and Hayley – for all your help, friendship and  terrible dance moves…(just kidding), fellow artists and all those who came to watch our show and had a bit of fun with us. And of course, last but not least the generous patron, who thought us to be worthy of this Award. We would love to meet you!!!

We had a great experience, lots of fun, made many new friends and we are very grateful to All!


See ya in Edmonton!!!


Calgary Fringe Festival – Inglewood

On the 1st of August 2017, we flew high…, high above Iceland, high above Greenland, high above a lot of water….        ‘Were you flying in an enormous balloon trying to do what nobody else ever done before? ??- I hear you ask…. NO – is my simple answer – ‘this is not what Dead Rabbits do’ – We flew in a standard, well-built aeroplane in an economy class…They did give us a free bottle of wine to cheer us up.

One could compare the inspired excitement of our flight to that of the flight of ‘the Eagle’ – ‘the Eagle’ was a swoosh hydrogen balloon made entirely from 5km of silk and flown exactly 120 years ago by Salomon Andree and his comrades in the attempt to conquer The North Pole…

We did manage, however, to arrive safely on Canadian turf… in Inglewood… This is the area of Calgary Fringe Festival and at the moment there is still not too many people here as the festival begins on the 4th of August. So we are rehearsing, sourcing small props, doing technical rehearsals and looking around Calgary. We have found lots of Rabbits (very alive and rather fast) we made some friendships and we are waiting for Hitomi to take us on a trip of a lifetime to Banff…

Meanwhile, just a bit nervy before the premiere and waiting for the audiences not to fail us….

Please come and see our shows during Calgary Festival – 1st one on the 4th of August 7pm ( Alexandra centre society) and then late in the evening at 11:30 Late Night Cabaret… Please do come and chat to us when you see us…


Calgary and Edmonton Festivals Canada 2017

In 2016 we went to Edmonton Fringe Festival full of hopes and also full of worries.  Over 200 theatre companies, over 45 venues, hundreds of thousands of punters…. We were only a little fish trying to swim… but these 2 weeks were amazing, full of sunshine, great people, openness. great hosts that were putting up with us through all that time, fantastic volunteers, and fringe staff and management were really kind and helped us straight away when we ran into any problems. And yes it was a great surprise when our theatre started to fill up, that we got amazing reviews and people wrote to us or came up to us on the streets. On one occasion, on a roller-coaster in Edmonton  – somebody hollered at Sam-‘look that’s The Dragon’ Sam didn’t take offence, just the opposite, he was beaming with joy the whole week….

So we decided to come back. We have a new show: My Love Lies Frozen in the Ice….

We are going to Calgary Festival first and then to Edmonton…We worked this year even harder but the show is not made till it has its run with the audience….So greetings Canada – we await you and your judgement…

Please come and see us and thank you so much for all your support

Boom – see you soon xx




See us on the 21st September in London!!!

Canada was an amazing experience for us. After winning ‘Best Emerging Artist’ Award we rolled to Edmonton and were even more astounded by selling out and receiving two further awards: STAFF AND VOLUNTEER PICKS

and then there were the HOLDOVERS. We couldn’t imagine being in a better theatre.

350-seater, with amazing staff, crew and facilities and also both shows sold-out!!!

We would like to thank Murray, Celia, Ray, Selena, Perry, Nick, Marc for your photos (the one on this blog too from Marc J Chalifoux Photography ) and all  organisers, staff, volunteers, our hosts that put up with us for so long (especially Hitomi and Jeanette xx) all the artists that we made friends with and amazing audiences which we had so much fun with. We are so grateful!!!  Thank you for an amazing ride!!!


We have one and only show in London (UK) on the 21st September at 7:30pm at St Mary’s University Theatre. Please come and check us out!

Link to the tickets