My Love Lies Frozen in the Ice

A Tale of Love, Loss, and an Unexplained power of the human heart.

In 1897, three explorers took to the North Pole in a balloon. They left a woman who could not forget them… Follow us through the whiter than white snow and darker than dark days, where nothing is what it seems…


Cast: Sam Buitekant, Jodie Davey, Jordan Lee, James Parker
Previous Cast: Sam Buitekant, Woody Franklyn, Milly Ramone, Maxwell Sly.
Director: Kasia Zaremba-Byrne
Producer: David Lashley Hockham
Stage Manager: Leah Butterworth
Design: Kate Rigby
Technical Support: Paul Stowe

We would like to thank Alex Byrne for his support in shaping the writing of the story.

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Best Emerging Artist – Calgary Fringe Festival, August 2017

Staff Pick and Volunteer Pick – Edmonton Fringe Festival, August 2017

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