Tiger Lady

‘Without that fear, life would not be worth living…’

A new show about a first, female tiger-tamer. A tale of one woman’s grit to tame the Big Cats… A tale of fame, danger and desire…of terrible heartache and pain… a woman fierce enough not to be forgotten…


Mabel Stark – Natisha Williams

Art Rooney – Abayomi Oniyide

Al G Barnes – Antonio Victorio

Louis Roth – James Parker

Maggie Speaks- Chloe Waddilove

Rajah- the Tiger – Eddie Breckenridge

Creative Crew:

Designer: Tina Bicat

co-writer: Alex Byrne

Stage Manager: Leah Butterworth

Production Manager: David Hockham

Technical Wizzard and Lx designer – Matt Keywood

Design Assistant: Charlie Myers

Artistic Director: Kasia Zaremba-Byrne